Run the following command in the terminal and then restart your Finder app.
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1

Recently I noticed that on my server the host process (/usr/bin/host) was chewing up TONS of CPU (90-100% on one core and 10-20% on the other according to top).  After doing some research I found the following article on host process being used in an HTTP DDOS attack.

How to get the latest flash and silverlight installed on Ubuntu.  The following guide is easy and straight forward.  It works for both Chrome and Firefox.

Well ok, JavaScript almost always behaves oddly in IE8 along with CSS and any other technology that does anything remotely cool.
However, one important oddity is in how IE8 and modern browsers handle arrays.
For example, when listing many items in an array it is common (and can avoid future headaches when modifying code) to write the below:  Note the final comma after the last element.
var array = ["item one", 
"item two", 
"item three",
What you end up with in IE8 is the following:

In Microsoft SQL Server there is a very handy way to read the error/runtime log using the xp_readerrorlog stored procedure.

After a bit of fiddling Apache Solr search is now installed and functioning.
Click here to use the new search.  Several facets are available to quickly filter to the content you want.

Installing Java can be a pain now that Oracle no longer allows it to be bundled with Linux distrobutions by default.  Read more to make that process easier...

Free programming books. Everything from Ada to Windows phone programming.  Most languages contain several books, however, the lists get substantially longer for C, C++, .NET, Java and other more popular languages.

If you are like me you are tired of the male directed ads that popup in todays culture.
Thankfully someone cares enough to sort through them and compile a list.  You can find the file below.
There are instructions on how to find your hosts file so you dont wont be getting much (if any) of those ads coming up anymore.  As the list is subject to changes you will want to come back and grab a fresh copy of the file on a routine basis.

Using the dmidecode command you can find out many details about the hardware in your computer system.  Some of the information you can find is Motherboard make and model, CPU make and model, Video card make and model.  It seems that almost anything plugged into your computer will show up here.
Motherboard information is listed under the term: Base board
You need to either be root or use sudo to run the command below.

sudo dmidecode