Another puzzle from my puzzle-a-day calendar.
Numbergrams - Unscramble each anagram below to spell a single word.  The first word is provided.
I+THREE       = E I T H E R 
CI+THREE     =                     
LS+THREE    =                     
AP+THREE    =                     
NOC+THREE =                        
IGA+THREE   =                        
GOT+THREE  =                        

Word Sort
What do all the animals in the left column have in common that is different from all the animals in the right column?

This year for Christmas one of my gifts was a daily puzzle.  I'm not all that great with remembering words so here is the puzzle for last Friday.

Puzzle Description:  Write a letter in each bubble above to spell words that fit the clues.  I've given you the first word (oven).  This puzzle is based on the brain game Word Bubbles on

Instead of bubbles I have underlined the empty positions.

ove n     -- hot place for cooking

ove r t  -- apparent, obvious

ove r d o  -- put in more effort than necessary

Interesting article on how to recover or find forgotton passwords on your Windows / Mac computer. 

I was very surprised to find out how easy it was to gain access to both Mac and Windows passwords.  Seems that to really be secure these days is quite difficult as even encrypting your entire OS still does not always do the trick.

After numerous months of being down due to hardware re-configuration and lack of time to re-configure the software to accomodate the hardware changes the site is back online.

Some valuable (and some potentially obvious) lessons learned are:

As seen on

"Decades ago, a child chained a bicycle to a tree on Washington's Vashon Island. The tree, unperturbed, grew around the bike."

Word: usufruct

Sounds like: YOO-zoo-fruhkt

Definition: The right to use the property of another as long as it isn't damaged.

That is crazy!  This guy collected 200TB of video and audio data which roughly equates to the first five years of his childs life at home.

He did some very interesting research on child development, specifcially how a child learns new words.  This research also had some interesting implications in the media world as well, but I wont spoil that for you.

Enjoy the video!  I know I did.

Below are some linux commands to find files matching a specific format.  In this case I had found a bunch of htaccess files on some webservers that were redirecting the 404 error pages to some hacker's php files that he had snuck in through a backdoor.

A colleague came up with the below to find the offending php files and remove them.  This was made easier by the fact that they were all named using the same format of 12345.php or 123456.php.

Good thing that zip-tie is in place...

Physical Security

Image courtesy of Roger's Security Blog.