Apparently 2010 was a very lucky year for a few people in the following video.

I'm just glad that I didn't make it into the video... Except for the Golf shots, hole-in-ones are always welcome in my game.

Enjoy the video.

I finally got my new website working the way I want!  Well close enough that I can launch it and start using it.

I have been quite impressed with the framework of choice and the ease of which one can completely re-arrange, annihilate, add blogs, manage content, provide secure login areas.

In case it was not obvious I chose to build my site using the Drupal framework, which I had never used before and only even heard about it a handful of times.

Feel free to browse around, I've already posted a few sermons and will continue to post more as they come up.

Being that I've had to search for this information every time I need to run an export (all too often lately).  Here are the commands to import and export entire MySQL databases via SSH command line.

The -p will require you to enter in the mysql password for whichever user you are using to do the import / export.




Recently I have been using a tool for debugging JavaScript, viewing HTML source and it also shows you all AJAX calls along with arguments and results.

Its called Firebug and it is a full javascript / HTML / CSS editor and debugger.  It allows you to view and edit HTML source dynamically as well as to debug and execute Javascript code line by line.