I use Subsonic media server ( ALL the time for streaming music from my home PC to wherever I am.

I recently was fiddling with putting this media server on a Banana Pi (like a Raspberry Pi. My plan was to put the Pi into a vehicle and use it for playing my music. However, I ran into an issue after several trips in the vehicle the server would not start up.

After searching through the log files I encountered numerous (ok 100's or 1000's) errors mentioning 'User SA not found'. After some googling it turns out that this is most often due to database corruption.

Test Driven Development (aka TDD) is a very useful practice that helps to reduce the number of bugs in production code. However, I do not utilize strict TDD as most others do. String TDD is all about excessive positive re-enforcement and also encourages writing useless code.

If you are getting the following error when adding in app billing to your Android app, there could be one of a couple problems causing it.

1. Your app might not be configured for "in app billing". Make sure your manifest.xml file is requiring the "in app billing" permission.

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